Give Carly Rae Jepsen a Crown!

You’ve undoubtedly read my article about Carly Rae and her sword.  One day, in the recesses of the author’s illustrious mind, an amazing idea surfaced: give her a crown!!

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The College Board is a Monopoly

Recently, there has been a lot of news of large tech companies being monopolies.  These arguments accuse Google, Amazon and others of stifling their respective markets with their incredible clout: Google controls 99% of the American search market and Amazon is the largest e-retailer globallyHowever, these arguments ignore a crucial, much larger monopoly: the College Board. 

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Ecosia – The Greenest Search Engine You’ve Never Heard Of 

This blog post was not funded by or commissioned by Ecosia.  I wrote this because Ecosia is a cool search engine, not because it gave me money.  It would be awesome if I was famous enough to get a blog post commission, though.

You’ve probably never heard of Ecosia, as shown by the title.  So it’s a search engine?  Well, Google works well enough for me, you may say.  So it plants trees?  Well, now you have my attention.

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