No More WordPress Changes

Recently, the WordPress engineers have been going mad with myriad redesigns.  Just today, the color scheme changed to this rather depressing navy-blue color, and “A new editor is coming to level up your layout!” is a constant presence on the post-editing page.

As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”  Which applies to the new color-scheme change.  The old color scheme was bright and cheerful, with a nice blue color for the background, orange for selected areas and an off-white sidebar to emphasize the colors.  I really enjoyed the old color scheme, because even if another day passed with this blog having zero views ;__; at least the colors were happy.

The new color scheme is… kinda bad.  In the default “Classic Bright” theme, the baby blue background color was changed to a dark, rather depressing navy blue.  The selected area is a nice bright pink, but it isn’t very noticeable.  The sidebar and backgrounds vary between bright white and off-white, which is a little stark.  You can also change the theme to “Classic Blue,” which turns the sidebar full-on gray and turns the selected area color to more depressing navy blue.

On the bright side, I do enjoy the new look of the sidebar buttons.  Instead of having a gray fill, they are now “outlined,” lending the sidebar a more modern look.  A small comfort in such a literally depressing change.

Overall, I find this theme update to be plain bad.  There is too much to dislike and not enough to love.  However, it would have been better if WordPress had allowed its users to switch back to the original color scheme.



It seems like WordPress has updated their post with a chart comparing “contrast levels,” and how the new color scheme.  (Or maybe I just missed it 😬).

Although I suppose the contrast is a lot better, honestly, what is the need for better contrast on the dashboard?  The only contrast I care about is the black-on-white contrast for posts.

I also had the opportunity to like someone’s comment with the new layout.  The like star barely changes color and the only way to tell if you successfully liked something is the addition of the letter “d” on a faint blue word “like.”

5 Replies to “No More WordPress Changes”

  1. Your read my mind! Not a fan either, along with the recent layout change for post drafting. At least with that, I’m able to switch back to “classic mode”. 😦

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